TeamTalk - Getting Started with an Open Source Project

Whats is TeamTalk Project?
TeamTalk is a new side project, that I am planning to work during my free time. TeamTalk will be an open source project. 

Why a side project?
I really dont know. Just wanted to work on something isolated from my office work - hence thought about taking something like this.

What is the mission statement for TeamTalk?
TeamTalk will be single place Discussion Portal and Document Repository for small software teams. 

Why TeamTalk?
Being a part of product team, our communication happens at several places : in our Project Management tool, inside our customer support software, in our team wiki, and lot more. Keeping track of discussions in so many places was little difficult, hence I wanted to build TeamTalk as a single place where all discussions between team members will be stored. 

TeamTalk Project board in Trello : https://trello.com/b/ctTWyW7F/teamtalk-project

For updates about TeamTalk in this blog : http://www.vettyofficer.com/search/label/TeamTalk

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