Book Review : Go For No!

"Go for No!" was very short and simple, but was an awesome read. If you do any kind of job that involves getting plenty of rejections from people, then this book is a must read for you.

In the form of a short fictional story (where an average salesman, meets a more successful future
version of himself) the authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, shows a different perspective to celebrate failures and how to use them as catalyst for success.

The book has only 70+ pages, and every chapter in it are very simple but with powerful messages. Few highlights from the book:
  • All of us have a very common problem - Afraid of failing / afraid of rejection. For most people, the fear of hearing "NO" is the only thing standing between them and their greatness. 

  • Failures are the halfway mark on the road to success:
    Me >>>> Failure >>>> Success

  • Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is acting in the face of fear. It's being afraid of something but doing it anyway.

  • If you are not succeeding fast enough, you are not failing fast enough. You can't have one of them without the other.

  • No doesn't mean never. No means not yet.

  • A willingness to fail means a person will tolerate just enough failures to get what they need from life, and no more. A wantingness, on the other hand, means you're not just tolerating the failures, you're actually beginning to seek them. When you develop a true wantingness to fail, rejection starts becoming fun!

  • Abraham Lincoln had less than one year of formal schooling, failed in business twice and lost eight of the ten elections he was in before winning the Presidency in 1860. But is he remembered for his failures?

  • If you want to accelerate your performance: fail faster, fail bigger, fail exponentially!

  • YES is the destination. NO is how you get there.

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