Ostrich Algorithm - Random CS101s #01

There is a very interesting algorithm in Computer Science named as "Ostrich Algorithm" - in which all of us should be an expert.

Before reading further about this algorithm, first let me tell you about a common (but false) legend about Ostriches that - when a danger comes ostriches bury their heads in the sand and pretend there is no danger at all.

Now, I assume you would have understood whats this 'Ostrich Algorithm'.

In Computer Science, the strategy of ignoring potential problems on the basis that they will occur very rarely, is called as Ostrich Algorithm. Many times, to trade-off between high priority tasks and very rarely occurring known errors, we as developers take this strategy. 

Though this Ostrich Algorithm sounds funny, this is one of the popular solutions to handle deadlocks in many popular operating systems. Checking for and avoiding deadlock is too expensive. Given that they happen very rarely, the engineers decided to choose Reboot if there is a deadlock.

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