2014 wish list !!!

The year 2013 was awesome to me - both personally and professionally. Felt and worked like how I used to be during my earlier days of career - might be because of the new job and the startup environment here. The most memorable event of the year is the arrival of our twin boys - Gowtham and Karthik.

Coming to the wish list for the year, to be honest - I managed to accomplish only about 2.5 things out of the 10 items I posted last year - hence most of the items in that list haven't changed.  So again for the self motivation purpose, here I post my wish list for the year 2014:

1. Reduce weight - get down below the 75kg mark
2. Get a DSLR camera and learn some basics of photography
3. Pre-pay some amount for the pending principal in Home Loan - in addition to the regular EMIs 
4. Start terrace/container farming
5. put more efforts in www.kuttees.in
6. Write a technical eBook / good series of technical articles
7. Work for a short film 
8. Learn painting or a new foreign language.
9. Work in any opensource project or implement one side project. 
10. Buy a Car

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