Ostrich Algorithm - Random CS101s #01

There is a very interesting algorithm in Computer Science named as "Ostrich Algorithm" - in which all of us should be an expert.

Before reading further about this algorithm, first let me tell you about a common (but false) legend about Ostriches that - when a danger comes ostriches bury their heads in the sand and pretend there is no danger at all.

Now, I assume you would have understood whats this 'Ostrich Algorithm'.

Random CS101s - The Beginning!

One of the regular items in my every year's wish list is to - write a technical book and thanks to my laziness, all these years nothing has progressed in this goal. I know about my poor writing skill - hence wanted to start with a series of posts, post regularly, refine my writing skill and then think about authoring a book.

2014 wish list !!!

The year 2013 was awesome to me - both personally and professionally. Felt and worked like how I used to be during my earlier days of career - might be because of the new job and the startup environment here. The most memorable event of the year is the arrival of our twin boys - Gowtham and Karthik.