The one year journey @ www.kuttees.in

Last year during this same month (June 2012), Gomathi resigned her job and decided to stay at home for some personal reasons. First few days were sort of OK because she decided to clean the home, but after that she started feeling terrible bored at home. That was when I suggested her to start a blog or some website and spend some time on that.  

We were not focused on any business model or making money. All we wanted to was to spend the time usefully on something that others might use. We both discussed about what to write about, and then at last decided to write bedtime stories that parents could tell their kids and thus the journey started for www.kuttees.in

Some of the best domain names, she wanted were already taken or were available only at a premium price. Somehow we ended up purchasing this domain 'www.kuttees.in' for one year for just 99.00 only. We decided to post in the blogger - because it was free and easy to customize. Gradually I too got interested and started posting some stories.

Though, this is not a great achievement, we are really excited about the page views that we get at www.kuttees.in. Here is a snapshot of that report from google analytics:

We didn't spend much time in SEOing the contents and also for marketing the website. So with that, I think nearing 6k views per month is a good thing. We also created a Facebook page that has nearly 30+ likes at this time. 

During the last September 2012 , when I checked kuttees.in had an alexa global ranking of about #18,271,378 and currently it is about #5,938,138 - which is also very motivating factor.

Unfortunately, in the last few months, both of us are held up in some other works and couldn't spend more time on this. For next few months, if possible, it will be only me who could work on this. There are some 20+ stories in the drafts - so the future plan for me is to post those drafts and try some social marketing to increase the facebook fans for the page. Hope things would go as planned.

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