How to install cURL in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

cURL is a very popular software utility that provides a command-line tool and a programming library useful for transferring and receiving data from servers. cURL supports many popular protocols. Here is the procedure about how to make and install cURL in a Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) computer

1. Download the cURL from http://curl.haxx.se/download.html

2. Open a Terminal and change directory to the folder where the above mentioned file was downloaded

3. extract the compressed file with below command (change curl-7.30.0.tar in below command as per your download): 

$tar zxf curl-7.30.0.tar
4. Change directory to the extracted cURL directory

$cd curl-7.30.0
5. Run the make file , as follows and install cURL

$ make && sudo make install
When prompted for password, enter the password for super user

When the installation is over, success message would be displayed and then you will be able to execute cURL from the terminal.

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