How To : Add Search Box to your Blogger / Blogspot Blog

Search box are a 'must to have' in any blog. These search boxes when positioned at the right place, helps the users to search for contents within the blog and hence enhances the user experience in your blog. Blogger itself provides a Google powered Search widget that can be added to your blogger blog.

Here is the simple procedure to add that Search Widget to your blog:
1. Login into www.blogger.com and choose the settings portal for the blog, for which you would like to add the search widget.

2. Click on the 'Layout' link available on the Right pane. (Refer the below image)

2. Click the 'Add a Widget' link in the pane where you would like to add the search box. In the pop up search for "Search Box" and click the '+' icon for that widget. (Refer the below image)

3. Configure the settings as per your requirement and save the search box. If you want to search contents only from your blog, choose the "This Blog" option in this settings page.

Note : The result shown when searching through this Search Box will depend on the indexing of your blog contents in Google Search.

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