New Gas connection at Madipakkam : Indane gas - Ranie Agency - How To apply

Last week, I applied for a new Indane gas connection in the Ranie Gas Agency at Madipakkam. Though the entire process was completed within a week, it wasn't a pleasant experience for me mainly because of their poor customer service. They don't have a proper system and not enough people to handle the crowd that comes each day.

I hope the following procedure, that I learnt from my experience would help others avoid unnecessary time delays and tension

Ranie Gas Agency
44, Perumal Nagar,  Madipakkam 2nd St,
Nanganallur Chennai,  Tamil Nadu 600061

Telephone : 044 2224 8183 (they rarely attend the phone calls)‎

Google maps : Click Here

Step 1 : Make a request for new gas connection
Go to the agency on any working day, and tell them about applying for a new gas connection. You will have to make a request in a register there mentioning your Address and telephone number.

Step 2: Home Inspection / Address Verfication
a) One person from the gas agency would visit your home to verify your address, check the kitchen, etc. They will mostly come after 8 pm during weekdays or on sundays. They would call to confirm before coming.
b) For this inspection, we should pay Rs. 70/-. The person coming for inspection would fill up a report and ask to come to their office on next working day with proper documents

Step 3 : Registeration for the new gas connection
On at this time, they register for a new gas connection and issue a registration number. Since the place will be crowded in the morning - it is better to go after 2:30 pm for this process. Documents needed are:
  • 1 Address proof photocopy (Letter from Company HR / Ration card / Rental agreement etc)
  • 1 Photo ID proof photocopy (Driving Licence, etc)
A copy of the registration letter will be issued and will be asked to come early on the next working day. Check the amount to be paid on that day.

Step 4 : Submit the application and Payment of Cash
This is the most hectic process. Make sure you go there early itself (around 8:30 am) The so called manager will be arriving only at 9 am and will open the doors only at 9:30 am. Earlier you go, it is possible to get the work done quickly.

This person will note down the names in order (token like system) in his diary. Check at what time your turn would come.

The real work starts only when their boss arrives. Only then, they started calling us, who were waiting from the morning. My number was 22, I was called in approximately around 12:30 pm

Once you go in, your documents will be checked , you will be asked to fill an affidavit (they will provide the already printed stamp paper) and make the payment . We paid 5700/- (first week of march) - it seems its mandatory to buy the gas stove from them, hence this price.

They will provide the consumer number, the regulator and the receipts.

Immediately make a request for the additional cylinder in corresponding counter.

Step 5 : Delivery of  first gas cylinder
The first cylinder will be delivered after one or two working days.

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