Online Tools to research about a Person's Social Profile

One of the most important tasks during a sales process, is to research about the prospect / lead to get a better understanding of them and their requirements. In this modern internet era, there are plenty of  options to get such 360 degree view of a person's online profile at one place. Here is a list of few of the popular tools providing this service:

01) Google Search - www.google.com
This is the most widely used and the simplest tool. Doing a google search for a person's full name can list their linkedin and other social profiles, etc. However, Google Search will not be much useful when there are many people with that searched name.  

02) 123People - www.123people.com
This is a simple and super cool tool to search about a person online. Using 123People.com, one could search for a person's email, photos, phone numbers, social profiles, documents, etc. The only limitation is the slowness of the service. 

03) Pipl - www.pipl.com
Pipl is also a good tool to search about people. In addition to public information about the search person, pipl.com also displays a smart tag cloud for the person's interests and profile.

04) yoName - www.yoname.com
This is another simple tool to search about a person. Specialty of yoName is that it can list most of the social profiles of the searched person. 

05) Wink - www.wink.com
Wink.com can search about a person's public information. Wink.com also provides a firefox plugin that  can further simplify the search process.

If there are any good tools to search about someone's online information, please do mention them in the comments section below.


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