Comparison of Cloud email / SMTP services for Web Applications

We had to choose a suitable email API provider to be used in one of our current projects, for which we did a comparison of merits and drawbacks for few of the popular cloud services available now. In this post I am just putting down the compilation of our work, so that it will be useful for others in the future:

The list of services, we considered are (not in any order) :
  • Amazon Simple email Service
  • SendGrid
  • Postmark
  • Dyn
  • SocketLabs
  • MailJet
  • CritSend
  • ElasticEmail
Few of the criteria I considered are: support for bulk email, cost effective, good API support, developer friendly, support to track email status 

  • Best cost effective solution - much ahead of others esp. when the load is very big.
  • promised to be highly scalable 
  • available only in the beta stage
  • poor documentation and not very simple when compared to sendgrid / postmark
  • daily send limit of 10K mails only. This quota will be increased based on reputation.    

SendGrid :
  • very simple and easy to setup
  • wide collection of plugins and availability of informative documentations
  • not much budget friendly in the starter editions
  • Daily quota of 7K emails in Lite edition. will increase by reputation.
  • found few people reporting about delays in the mail delivery   

Postmark :
  • very simple and developer friendly similar to SendGrid
  • however little costlier than SendGrid

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