Marketing Automation Software : Basic Features and Benefits

Marketing Automation Software as the name suggests is the software platform designed for the Marketing teams to organise and automate the repetitive tasks in Marketing. The software users specify the tasks (say an email campaign), the related criteria and the outcomes - which the software interprets and executes thus increasing the efficiency and reduce the human error.

Some of the popular marketing automation software now are Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, etc. I will write in detail about these software in subsequent posts.

Key functionalities in Marketing Automation Software:
1) Creating workflows and detailed analysis of Marketing Campaigns
2) Lead Generation, Nurturing and management
3) Automated Lead Scoring by tracking their activities and interests
4) Powerful integration with salesforce automation software / CRMs

Advantages in using a Marketing Automation Software:
Some of the advantages one could get by efficiently using a marketing automation software are:
1) Better tracking of performance for Marketing Campaigns across several media types
2) Efficient ways to move raw contacts to educated prospects enhanced with a scoring system
3) Strong integration between the marketing and sales departments
4) Drive high quality leads to sales

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