Directory of Hospitals & Doctors - Side Project Ideas #02

a) Directory of Hospitals, Contact Information, Profiles of Doctors, Appointment modes, etc
b) a Discussion Forums for Q&A
c) Details about Medicines

Target Users:
People searching for hospital and doctor information

Monetizing plans:
Advertisements only

Expected Challenges:
a) Data Collection
b) Community participation

Website for Synopsis of News - Side Project Ideas #01

a) show the right sized synopsis (say within 3 points) for recent News
b) Link to Detail News article pages for readers interested to read further
c) Sort news by popularity and time
d) Categorization of News like World, Sports, Entertainment, etc
e) Tagging with Location, keywords.
f) share synopsis with friends
g) Use summarizing program to automatically read news feeds and generate synopsis - this is the most challenging part

Target Users:
People who would like to get updated with news but don't spend time reading newspapers or news websites.

Monetizing plans:
I assume advertisements are the only way to make money with this idea.

Expected Challenges:
1. Need to analyze the legal issues in summarizing news feeds from news sites.
2. Efficiency of the Summarization algorithm  

2013 wish list :-)

There are only 4 more days to the end this year 2012. This year had been good for sometimes, bad for sometimes and very bad for most of the times. Missed out many things I was thinking to do before the end of the year. So to motivate myself and also to have it as a reference, I am listing down few things I want to do in this year:

1. Reduce minimum 12 Kgs of weight
2. Get a DSLR camera and learn some basics of photography
3. Pre-pay some amount for the pending principal in Home Loan 
4. Do some terrace/container farming
5. Build a successful software at work
6. Write a technical eBook / good series of technical articles
7. Take (or) Work for a short film 
8. Learn a new programming language
9. Complete any one of the several side project ideas that have been in paper for a long time
10. Buy a Car (or) a Bicycle :-)

I will try to post updates on this, regularly to see how these wishes are going on 

Marketing Automation Software : Basic Features and Benefits

Marketing Automation Software as the name suggests is the software platform designed for the Marketing teams to organise and automate the repetitive tasks in Marketing. The software users specify the tasks (say an email campaign), the related criteria and the outcomes - which the software interprets and executes thus increasing the efficiency and reduce the human error.

Some of the popular marketing automation software now are Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, etc. I will write in detail about these software in subsequent posts.

Key functionalities in Marketing Automation Software:
1) Creating workflows and detailed analysis of Marketing Campaigns
2) Lead Generation, Nurturing and management
3) Automated Lead Scoring by tracking their activities and interests
4) Powerful integration with salesforce automation software / CRMs

Advantages in using a Marketing Automation Software:
Some of the advantages one could get by efficiently using a marketing automation software are:
1) Better tracking of performance for Marketing Campaigns across several media types
2) Efficient ways to move raw contacts to educated prospects enhanced with a scoring system
3) Strong integration between the marketing and sales departments
4) Drive high quality leads to sales