Airtel Broadband Problems - My Customer Experience

Several times I have reported about these problems to Airtel's Support - but every time instead of understanding the problems and resolving them, their executives always give some excuses to close the tickets for then. Here are few of the problems I am facing with the Airtel Broadband connection in Chennai for the past few months -

1. No Transparency about the Internet usage :
I use the Rs. 750/- monthly rental Unlimited plan with 5GB High Speed limit - i,e. the internet speed will be 1 mbps for the first 5 GB data transfer and then the speed would drop down to 256 kbps. The plan is fine - but every month the high speed lasts only for one week in their billing cycle. I don't download/watch movies - most of my browsing are with plain HTML pages. I have also disabled automatic update for most of the software in my system. Hence I am sure that I am not using the internet like what their meter says. All I request them is some option to monitor the internet usage - for which Airtel says it is not possible.

2. Hidden Costs in the bill :
I didn't analyse their bills for a very long time - this was my biggest mistake. One day when I was randomly checking the bill details there was some additional 250/- included in the bill. When I called their support - they mentioned that it was charged for some anti-virus software used for my account - I was not able to understand the support executive's explanation about why such software was added - but finally I asked them to remove that and things were OK for next 3 months. Again they started charging additional 250/- and this time they said it was for some disc space on the server side. I don't understand how could they enable such features and start charging without getting the user's consent.

3. Continuous Irritation called the SmartBytes
This is nothing but a smart scam by Airtel. Every time when the High Speed limit is crossed, Airtel will randomly direct the browsers to their SmartByte purchase page until we purchase some high speed. Showing them once is fine - where we can either choose to the current plan or if interested we could purchase additional Bytes for some cost - but redirecting very often - that too when we are into some work is really frustrating. Many times I have lost typed text because of this redirection and also there are people who have had problems with Credit Card transactions because of this stupid redirection. Another irritating part of this problem is the captcha in that page which will work only 10% of the times .

4. Connectivity problems after the High Speed Limit:
I have faced this problem several times - every time almost after 1 week from reaching the high speed limit (i,e. when I choose to continue with the current plan itself with 256 kbps speed) - I face the connectivity problem. The connection would exist only for 1/2 mins and gets disconnected. I replaced the ADSL router but the problem still exists. This time their support executives have a smart reply - that it is only me reporting such a problem and hence the problem should be on my system (!!!) - I am sure something is wrong here because it works fine once I purchase their SmartByte 

I had to choose Airtel because at that time BSNL had some issues in providing connection in our area. I am going to re-apply again and hope they have some solution for all these issues .

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